Janus-logo-600pxUPDATE February 2019

For the time being I won’t be accepting any new coaching clients as I concentrate on my studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Please check back later for any news on when I’ll be accepting clients again.  I appreciate your patience and understanding. JC

A warm welcome to Janus Coaching and Development.  Janus was the Roman God of new beginnings, transitions, keys and doorways, with one face looking to the past and the other to the future. Coaching can support you as you look to the future, and make that investment in yourself whatever you want to achieve.


Imagine, believe, be…that’s the vision I have for my clients. Sounds quite simple doesn’t it?  But sometimes ‘stuff’ just gets in the way and we need support and guidance to overcome those obstacles.  This is where coaching can really help you to find the answers within yourself, and you’ve got support all the way.  I want my clients to take a step back and imagine where or what they want to be, find the courage to believe they can be that person, and then simply be.

So what’s your goal or dream?

Let me support you through coaching to understand what’s happening for you right now and where it is you really want to be.  We’ll work together to create your goal and really bring it to life, and plan how you’ll achieve the goal and most importantly sustain it.  Please take a look at the world of coaching page for further information, or if you’re ready to take the first step please contact me for an informal chat. 

I’ve recently realised a goal of mine to write articles so please take a moment to have a read at my blogs.


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