Ms A P Almeida

When I started my coaching I was willing to change.  Now I have ended my coaching I’m empowered to change.

I decided to start this exciting coaching journey because I really wanted to review my career and gain the necessary confidence to embark on my first business endeavour.  The 3 sessions with Jennifer allowed me to reflect and re-connect with my values and skills, to understand which working areas highly motivated me and to recognise that my narrow definition of success was undermining action.  At the end, I felt fully empowered to make the necessary changes in order to start developing my business idea.


When I started my coaching I felt frustrated, annoyed, and miserable.  Now I’ve ended my coaching I feel content, focused, and driven.

I was utterly stuck. I had a job I was good at, but I was so bored at work that I was at risk of sabotaging myself. I knew I needed to make a change to my career, but was paralysed by choice. Do I go back to university? What would I choose? Would I start at the bottom somewhere? Should I choose something totally different?

I decided coaching would be a worthwhile investment to point me in the right direction, so that whatever decision I chose to make, it would be the right fit for me. I’m in my early thirties, and I didn’t want to waste five odd years on a career path that might not work for me.

The benefits of coaching has been vast, far more than I expected. I now know my strengths and have since chosen a career path that works with them, not against them. I’m much happier at my job because I’ve got a clear path ahead. I know what is important to me in a career and what types of jobs I’m best suited for, which will aid me in my job searches in the future.

Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure. I had found it a challenge to find a coach as I already see a counsellor, Jennifer was happy to work with me. My time with Jennifer has sped up my healing journey and it has been an absolute pleasure to attend sessions. Jennifer is encouraging, directing my attention to areas that I had neglected in my life without being bossy.

I cannot recommend working with Jennifer enough, it is the best money I spent in 2017 and I expect to reap the benefits in the years to come.


When I started my coaching I felt wary, self disclosed, and optimistic.  Now I’ve finished my coaching I feel calm, focused, and content.

I wanted to receive coaching as I recognised my life was very full on and busy, I didn’t want to burden friends and family with my concerns so coaching seemed like the best option to help my situation.

I received great insight into my life through the lens Jen provided, she was able to pick apart my busy brain and help me make it clear, focused and organised – not an easy task however Jen seemed to do this effortlessly.

I learned various things about myself especially the last session where I could reflect back at the coaching provided by Jen, and the amazement at how far I have came and the achievements I have made.  My life really is better.

I felt wary at first to share my concerns/emotions, for a long time I put my busy life down to “not enough hours in the day”.  Jen made it feel like an easy task to pick apart and focus on goals, what was important and what I could achieve.  Within no time I had milestones and was all set to go.  Jen was able to coach me into this state of mind very easily and unobtrusively which I found really impressive.  At no stage did I feel anything but gratitude for Jen and always felt calm and supported in anything I shared or concerns I had.

Jen really comes into her own during her coaching sessions and does it with grace, professionalism.  She made a real effort to provide a calm environment and was always prepared with her materials and could recap anything from previous that I may have forgotten.  Jen has a genuine supportive nature and always ensures I got the best out each session and what is important for my journey.

I would recommend Jen to anyone and think she could really make a huge benefit to people’s lives like she has done for me.


When I started my coaching I felt unfocused, insecure and demotivated.  Now I have ended my coaching I feel focused, determined and motivated.

I knew I was in need of change but was unfocused and procrastinating.  Jen enabled me to identify goals and gave me the tools to identify what I wanted to achieve.

At the first session I found it quite difficult to identify my goal, however once I came up with it, it felt very positive and gave me clarity to move forward and pursue my goals.

I feel able to make positive decisions based on my goal.


Mrs G

When I started my coaching I felt apprehensive, shy and frustrated with myself.  Now I have ended my coaching I feel confident, equal and positive.

“I decided to get coaching as I was changing job and stepping up a level and wanted to do the job as best I could and prove I am capable.  I knew I needed to be more confident in my interactions with colleagues and stakeholders and see myself as equally important.

Jen has been particularly good at taking my jumbled thoughts and making sense of them.  She has been brilliant at probing me to get to the actual root of my issues and prompting me to ask myself questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself.  And through this I’ve discovered that I am capable of doing my job well and there’s no reason why I should hold myself back.

Over the course of the four months, my confidence and self-belief has increased substantially, and my mindset has changed to one of “I can do it” and “I want to do it”.  This has resulted in me actively putting myself out of my comfort zone in order to increase my visibility and progress my career.  A number of my colleagues have commented on the difference they’ve seen in me too.”