When I started my coaching I felt wary, self disclosed, and optimistic.  Now I’ve finished my coaching I feel calm, focused, and content.

I wanted to receive coaching as I recognised my life was very full on and busy, I didn’t want to burden friends and family with my concerns so coaching seemed like the best option to help my situation.

I received great insight into my life through the lens Jen provided, she was able to pick apart my busy brain and help me make it clear, focused and organised – not an easy task however Jen seemed to do this effortlessly.

I learned various things about myself especially the last session where I could reflect back at the coaching provided by Jen, and the amazement at how far I have came and the achievements I have made.  My life really is better.

I felt wary at first to share my concerns/emotions, for a long time I put my busy life down to “not enough hours in the day”.  Jen made it feel like an easy task to pick apart and focus on goals, what was important and what I could achieve.  Within no time I had milestones and was all set to go.  Jen was able to coach me into this state of mind very easily and unobtrusively which I found really impressive.  At no stage did I feel anything but gratitude for Jen and always felt calm and supported in anything I shared or concerns I had.

Jen really comes into her own during her coaching sessions and does it with grace, professionalism.  She made a real effort to provide a calm environment and was always prepared with her materials and could recap anything from previous that I may have forgotten.  Jen has a genuine supportive nature and always ensures I got the best out each session and what is important for my journey.

I would recommend Jen to anyone and think she could really make a huge benefit to people’s lives like she has done for me.