Mrs G

When I started my coaching I felt apprehensive, shy and frustrated with myself.  Now I have ended my coaching I feel confident, equal and positive.

“I decided to get coaching as I was changing job and stepping up a level and wanted to do the job as best I could and prove I am capable.  I knew I needed to be more confident in my interactions with colleagues and stakeholders and see myself as equally important.

Jen has been particularly good at taking my jumbled thoughts and making sense of them.  She has been brilliant at probing me to get to the actual root of my issues and prompting me to ask myself questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself.  And through this I’ve discovered that I am capable of doing my job well and there’s no reason why I should hold myself back.

Over the course of the four months, my confidence and self-belief has increased substantially, and my mindset has changed to one of “I can do it” and “I want to do it”.  This has resulted in me actively putting myself out of my comfort zone in order to increase my visibility and progress my career.  A number of my colleagues have commented on the difference they’ve seen in me too.”