When I started my coaching I felt frustrated, annoyed, and miserable.  Now I’ve ended my coaching I feel content, focused, and driven.

I was utterly stuck. I had a job I was good at, but I was so bored at work that I was at risk of sabotaging myself. I knew I needed to make a change to my career, but was paralysed by choice. Do I go back to university? What would I choose? Would I start at the bottom somewhere? Should I choose something totally different?

I decided coaching would be a worthwhile investment to point me in the right direction, so that whatever decision I chose to make, it would be the right fit for me. I’m in my early thirties, and I didn’t want to waste five odd years on a career path that might not work for me.

The benefits of coaching has been vast, far more than I expected. I now know my strengths and have since chosen a career path that works with them, not against them. I’m much happier at my job because I’ve got a clear path ahead. I know what is important to me in a career and what types of jobs I’m best suited for, which will aid me in my job searches in the future.

Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure. I had found it a challenge to find a coach as I already see a counsellor, Jennifer was happy to work with me. My time with Jennifer has sped up my healing journey and it has been an absolute pleasure to attend sessions. Jennifer is encouraging, directing my attention to areas that I had neglected in my life without being bossy.

I cannot recommend working with Jennifer enough, it is the best money I spent in 2017 and I expect to reap the benefits in the years to come.