Mind and Body

Looking after ourselves is widely publicised in the news and social media – diets, the latest fitness craze, wellbeing.  A healthy mind and body is important, except many of us lack the time and willpower to sustain what is core to our wellbeing.  Getting the balance right between work, rest and play is so important.  Coaching can help to explore ways to bring more balance and harmony. 


I offer a ‘Walking Coaching’ option called Best Foot Forward for those who prefer a more creative environment to think and get the added health and relaxation benefits of walking whilst being coached.  If you love nature and the outdoors and are strapped for time to fit in coaching and exercise then this is the option for you.  ‘Walking Coaching’ is an informal alternative to traditional office based coaching, and in Peeblesshire we are spoilt for choice with lots of green spaces and surrounded by hills.